Conditions for obtaining representation

General terms and conditions of assigning the distribution and sales agency of Duq Plast Mahan products

1- The applicant of the agency must have a valid real and legal personality and his / her credibility must be proven for the company.
2- The applicant is not legally prohibited from conducting transactions in terms of legal criteria and is not prohibited from trading.
3- The applicant has sufficient financial ability to start and buy goods in cash (at least up to 70% of the value).
4- The applicant must have an office and a warehouse to store products in his area.
5- Real and legal applicants have sufficient ability to distribute and sell in their desired field, in such a way that on the one hand their ability to sell is commensurate with the company’s production and on the other hand due to the population density of the area the representative responds to the sales plan in that area. Be.
6- The prices announced by the company for the implementation of the same policy in the whole country should be observed by the applicant. The agent is not allowed to increase the price by more than twenty percent more than the purchase price of the company.
7- Customers’ opinions should be referred to the company as the highest reference for judging and quality control by the representatives.
8- The contract of the exclusive agency will be closed on a trial basis for six months and the continuation of the activity will be at the discretion of the company. If the company is satisfied with the representative, after this period, the contract will be extended for two years.
9- Collateral by the agent in the form of a check worth seventy percent of the total value of the order for one month.

Representation form